Don't let Prospects or Customers wait - Schedule Meetings efficiently
Schedule Customer Meetings and Sales Calls with ease using your Google Calendar.
Optionally sync with GoToMeeting.

No waiting. No Back and Forth emails.

It’s time consuming to set up appointments, especially across time zones. Even with the ability to text or email, checking each other’s availability can often take hours or even days.

You’ll love Quando because it’s catapulted scheduling appointments into the future.

All it takes is just one click.

eliminate scheduling overhead

Schedule Calls Faster!

Quando works by merging one, two or dozens of Calendars together … and then instantly showing your sales or support team availability for customer calls.

Imagine eliminating administrative overhead.

No extra coordination or emailing. No time delays.

Give Customers Easier Access To You.

Customers expect highly responsive service. With Quando, you’ll never have to keep your customers waiting. Simply publish a link on your customer portal or send a link per email, and they can book an appointment with you whenever they want.

You can use Phone, Google Hangouts or automatically set up a GoToMeeting and send out the invite with the necessary details. Not just for virtual meetings, you can also schedule appointments at a physical location.

Customers can re-schedule the call and the meeting details are automatically updated.

How awesome is that?

speed up sales cycle

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle.

How often have lost a sale because you couldn’t speak to a prospect in time? The truth is, when you keep hot prospects waiting, they either cool off or buy elsewhere. With Quando, there’s no messing around.

Just publish a link on your landing page or send your link or email, e.g. http://quando.myName.com  Schedule Now

Every one of your prospects can set an appointment based on a date and time that best for them in their time zone.

It’s a far easier way to fill your calendar and close more sales.

How does it work?

Publish the Link

Send your custom link by email. The link can be https://myName.bizquando.com or even http://quando.myName.com.

Quando™ means "when" in Italian (and is our Trademark)

Or publish it as call to action on your web site.

Schedule Call Now

Use any images (or ours)

No more phone tag.

The white label page shows just your logo and details.

Customer picks a time

When the prospect or customer clicks on the link, they see the appointment options based on your calendar right then - on Phone or Desktop.

Schedule on iPhone, iPad, Android or Desktop
You've got mail

Prospects, customers and you get an email with all the contact information and details required for the call.

The mail may include the link to the automatically scheduled GoToMeeting. Forward to additional participants.

In your Calendar

Your and your call partner's calendar is automatically updated.

The invite includes a link to add the call to the calendar of additional participants - Outlook, iCal, Google, Yahoo, etc.

In the Calendar
Multiple Call Types

You can define multiple Meeting/Call Types (e.g. sales, support, ...) with different logos, messages and durations.

For lead generation, this also allows to measure effectiveness of different campaigns.

Multiple Resources

Each individual (resource) defines her or his availability and can be linked to multiple Meeting Types.

The available time slots for a Meeting Type is the combination of all assigned resources, e.g. for 24h coverage.

A person can also send out a link which shows only his or her availability, e.g. for follow-up support calls.

Sophisticated Features That Are So Simple To Use

Surprisingly Straightforward

Scheduling appointment couldn’t get much easier. Simply invite people to Quando, ask them select one of your available time slots, and presto, that appointment is recorded into your Google and their calendar. You’ll eliminate the frustration of emailing back and forth, or waiting for your teammates to let you know when they’re free.

Incredibly Responsive

With Quando appointments never fall through the cracks. When an appointment is scheduled you receive an immediate email notification. At the same time, your and your customer's calendar (Google, Outlook, iCal or Yahoo) is automatically updated and your availability is instantly changed. It’s a real timesaver!

Acts Like a CRM

When someone sets an appointment with you, asks for a name, email address and phone number, and then captures and stores that contact information for you. You can easily go back to Quando to see or manage that information whenever necessary.

Advanced Integration

Quando is a full circle application. Your appointments can be integrated with “GoToMeeting” so that a meeting is automatically set up for you. Furthermore, a “GoToMeeting” link is included in the email confirmation. This makes connecting at the time of your appointment so much easier.

Remarkably Flexible

With Quando, you are in complete control. You set your availability, determine how far in advance appointments can be scheduled, and invite others to merge their calendar with yours. You can set meeting types (sales, support calls) determine how long your meeting should last, and even customize your appointment page with your business logo and personalized text.

Why Quando?

Old-school appointment setting isn’t cutting it anymore. Everyone is far too busy managing their business and their lives. Just take a look at your email inbox. How often do you wake up to dozens of emails?

Trouble is, meetings, sales calls, and servicing customers in person or by phone isn’t slowing down. These days, developing relationship has become more important than ever. Quando will stop you from wasting time. It eliminates all those back and forth emails and lets you and your peeps set up meetings and calls, instantly.

Best of all, with built-in reminders and meeting confirmations, you can schedule an appointment and forget it about. Quando will make sure that you don’t miss an appointment ever again.

Try for yourself

Book a session to discuss Quando at https://quando.bizquando.com or


Subscription Options

Package Free forever Individual Group Enterprise
Users (linked calendars) 1 1 5 unlimited
Meeting Types (e.g. sales, support call) 1 1 5 unlimited
Advertising Free no yes yes yes
Your Logo no yes yes yes
Custom domain no no yes yes
GoToMeeting (create automatically) no no yes yes
Price (USD) per month billed annualy -/- $8.00 per user $20.00 per 5 user contact us
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